From working internationally, I moved to a local office operation, where I’ve been lucky to see the other side of the business. Here I am vendor, system manager, technical integrator and I also have to manage the end user. This is the added value of Midis; working here you get the full experience across regional and cultural boundaries, and across different methodologies and types of business.
— Husni Hammoud
Midis group is the biggest single distributor for Kohler-SDMO worldwide and has done the biggest investment in EMEA in term of service center for our new KD engines. It has been more than 25 successful years of an incredible partnership allowing both companies to gain share in the region. And in 2017 & 2018, we have continued with prestigious projects in Qatar, UAE and KSA.
— Hervé Prigent, Président, Kohler-SDMO