Midis Group

The Midis Group has over 50 years’ experience representing the leading global technology vendors in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Our reputation, built on local expertise, integrity and proven results, makes us the ideal growth partner to achieve your emerging market goals. We don’t just open doors, but entire continents.

Making Emerging Markets Viable

Since 1967 The Midis Group’s reputation has paved the way for our technology partners to achieve their growth potential in Africa, Europe and the Middle East

Entering new markets...

The growing markets in Africa, Europe and the Middle East include many opportunities. Since 1967 Midis has paved the way for our technology partners here. Currently, we work with almost 200 brands, ranging from cloud security to power generation, and specialize in bringing those brands to market in the region we know best.

Despite the ROI potential here, global brands with presence in perhaps 95% of the marketplace rightly hesitate in investing their own resources to establish a beachhead in the last 5%.

After all, apart from the fact that less mature markets carry outsized risk, there is the challenge of operating, and executing, in unfamiliar terrain. This is Midis' differentiator, where we have been a leader in our three regions for decades.

In terms of market share, we have worked hard to become:

  • the third largest player in Africa, with perhaps the greatest, yet elusive long-term potential,

  • the second largest in Eastern Europe, our fastest growing territory in recent years,

  • the largest in the Middle East, where we have the longest standing presence.

And uniquely, Midis spans all of these zones of emerging EMEA, providing reach yet making them manageable for our vendor partners and our major customers. Midis strives above all to offer global brands the path to market they require--wherein we can take as much as needed of the market and sovereign risks, the investment risk, the compliance risk, and legal and staffing risks, the downstream financial and payment risks—to generate consistent success here. And for our customers in territory, we provide the solutions, service, and confidence that, through the vicissitudes of emerging market life, they will always have our support to meet their needs.

Regulatory Compliance

We provide decades of expertise in new markets’ laws and regulations. Our emphasis on transparency and accountability helps partners traverse local and international regulations with confidence.

Midis and compliance

For multinationals, or companies who are growing leaps and bounds and wish to mindfully enter emerging markets, even an appearance of impropriety can harm your brand. Proper, exacting compliance is what separates companies at continuous risk from successful market leaders who have made integrity and trust their top priority.  For the former, compliance is checking a box - lip service - but at Midis we have 40 years+ of experience setting the highest standards and adhering to the spirit and letter of the law in both the global marketplace and your local market. How deep does our commitment go? Midis regularly ‘walks’ when the integrity of the deal is unclear, recognizing that a trusted long-term presence demands an uncompromising stance.

Mindset & Culture

Our longstanding regional presence, respecting and practicing the culture and business customs of each locale, allows technology providers to focus on product and value.

Our cultural expertise is yours

Culture can often be viewed as an intangible, but at Midis it is central. Our deep understanding and respect for cultures across our main three markets -- the Middle East, Europe, and Africa -- enables us to navigate across each unique market.
With customer and vendor relationships of up to 40 years, we have a deep understanding of needs on both sides of the IT market. Experts in localization of market strategy, channel programs, communications materials and support/technical documents, we have unparalleled experience in emerging countries and understand how to navigate each unique situation. With Midis as your full partner, you will always stay on course.
Our cultural expertise is yours

Financial Security

As a multi-billion-dollar entity, Midis is solid, and one of the biggest technology enterprises in its operating regions.

Minimize your financial exposure

Across the world, the capital requirements for start-up investment, business establishment, order fulfillment, remittance, and timely remuneration can vary widely. In several of our regions, major projects also require guarantees, notes, securities, and insurances for every single job that is bid.  Such local demands, if you're unfamiliar, can be difficult to navigate and financially punishing to satisfy.

Midis understands these conditions, and its conservative financial management ensures it has the resources to bridge supplier and customer nonetheless. We work with you to identify the right opportunities, the right solutions, and minimize your financial exposure, giving you peace of mind to focus on building your core business.

Build Presence, Preserve Capital

The Midis Group establishes and grows technology providers’ local operations while removing the burden of fixed up-front costs, with brand sales, marketing, support and training all handled by us as if by you.

Expand your reach

One of the greatest risks on entering a new market is the fixed, up-front investment required.  And in the volatile world of emerging markets, most find themselves perfectly out of cycle, reacting up or down to the latest data point.  With Midis, you can solve that dilemma.

We can take on your persona and run your business in-territory, shifting all your costs to variable and, by leveraging our experience and presence, standing up a world-class local operation that will build your business here for the long haul.  Midis will ensure your prominence across the three regions we serve, threading the needle between evangelizing the brand, advocating expertly your solutions, and applying our understanding of the local markets.

How We Do It
Setting up and operating in our regions requires legal establishment(s), physical facilities, financial facilities, contracting facilities, hiring staff, setting up support, and obtaining regulatory approval for trading and services--all before your first sale.  We can work through these barriers so that you don’t have to, and then run with you the business in which we share based only on our joint success.  And beyond shouldering your up-front costs, we ensure excellence in execution, from promotion and sales to training and technical support, all handled by us as if by you.

Midis Group is a longstanding reliable and credible Distributor for Vertiv. They continue to remain of strategic importance to our growth within the Middle East market by delivering customized solutions and support at the highest standards to customers.
— Giordano Albertazzi, President of Europe, Middle East and Africa at Vertiv

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