Find out what it is like to work at one of the leading information technology groups in the EMEA region.

Working with us

Ljiljana Bauk

Team spirit, hard work and feeling good

Lucia Puchalova

We like to put our trust in our people

Pascal Emanuel

Integrity and doing business ethically

Ashraf al Araj

Midis is about commitment, it’s about integrity, and it’s about delivery

Joining the group and enjoying work

George Haddad

Every day is a learning opportunity

Ashraf Al Arawi

One Group - Infinite opportunities

Ljiljana Bauk

Grow beyond your limits

Ali Al Juneidi

Flat management structure; ability to access anyone

Diversity in the Group

Human Resources Manager - Paola

Paola talks about diversity at Midis Group.

Meet the Midis Community