About Midis Group

The Midis Group has enjoyed steady growth for over a generation in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.  For technology leaders looking for new sources of growth, or for technology adopters looking for world-class solutions and support, the Midis Group is an ideal partner.

I think retail can be tough; and maybe we face the most challenges within the group. You have to deal with lots of people during one day. And lots of things happen during one day. So you need to manage everything, you need to make all the customers satisfied. All forty of us face end-users all day. We are at the end of the chain, the face of the company. So we have to have a smiley face all day, and to learn how to solve problems all through the day.
— Ljiljana Bauk
General Manager
iSTYLE Stores DOO Belgrade (Serbia)