Six ways Midis Group represents you in the market:

From working internationally, I moved to a local office operation, where I’ve been lucky to see the other side of the business. Here I am vendor, system manager, technical integrator and I also have to manage the end user. This is the added value of Midis; working here you get the full experience across regional and cultural boundaries, and across different methodologies and types of business.
— Husni Hammoud
Six ways Midis Group represents you in the market:


We stock product so you always have local inventory, selling to systems integrators, on credit in local currency. We also provide level one support, and product training as well, so your representatives in the market can then become certified resellers, and the market becomes confident in your solutions.

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Local Office

With our Local Office model, in each region we establish a company and expert team dedicated entirely to building your market and your business alone. These local offices become part of your organization as much as part of ours. Through Midis Group - but with your brand, programs, and strategy - we transform you into a trusted regional player, with pre-sales, marketing, service, renewals, first level support and training all handled expertly, in your name, by us.

We promote your brand and solutions through expert, locally-tuned messaging and outreach.  Then we implement your go-to-market model, bringing on the leading resellers and system integrators to multiply your presence and achieve unprecedented market coverage and penetration.  Finally, emerging markets are notoriously volatile, so we provide you with a variable cost structure that shifts most of your risk to us so that, applying our experience and expertise, we both succeed.

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With close to 60 stores throughout the region, we source from vendors and we sell to end users in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We compete on service and customer experience, keeping your premium product in a premium environment.

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Site & Power

Our 1,000 technology professionals, engineers and technicians ready spaces, secure them and equip them with cables, racks, CRACs, enabling precise temperature and humidity control, regulated power via UPS, and generators. Our more than 25-year partnerships with Vertiv (Liebert) and Kohler-SDMO have positioned Midis Site & Power as the go-to “Data Center Preparation People”.  We also provide local assembly and service for optimum customization, inventory/cost management, & customer support.

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Software Solutions and Professional Services

We understand issues asset-intensive industries face, providing appropriate, cost-effective digital transformation to help you scale, including SAP, Oracle, and IBM Maximo. Deployment is more than purchasing a license: our consultants help you and your customers extract the most value from the software.

Midis Group offers best-fit software solutions and training including setting up analytic reports.  Our holistic approach - tailoring every ERP implementation to each customer’s needs - enhances your bottom line and resilience. Our partners and users have seen significant reductions in excess inventory and downtime, along with meaningful increases in asset and labor utilization, helping make us the trusted name in digital transformation.

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System Integration

Midis Group works with major users to define and refine their requirements, then integrates your product into a solution package and bids for you. We demonstrate on site at the proposed environment, from airport to hospital to refinery. To help establish the market, we commit end-user support and provide customer financing through project completion.

The portfolio of industries we serve includes banking, defense, education, government, healthcare, higher education, hospitality, manufacturing, oil and gas, retail, telecommunications, travel and transportation, and utilities.

Midis Group is a longstanding reliable and credible Distributor for Vertiv. They continue to remain of strategic importance to our growth within the Middle East market by delivering customized solutions and support at the highest standards to customers.
— Giordano Albertazzi, President of Europe, Middle East and Africa at Vertiv