Mindware appoints Philippe Jarre as new CEO

shows a man in a dark suit with a white shirt open at the neck
Philippe Jarre appointed new CEO of Mindware, based in Dubai

February 1, 2019 Dubai – Mindware has appointed a new CEO, Philippe Jarre.

Philippe has spent 25 years as CEO across a broad spectrum of companies in the technology sector, notably IBM.

At IBM, Philippe worked across a wide range of tech sectors and held a variety of leadership positions, from a post as VP of retail banking in Europe, based in London, to Global General Manager for cloud, business continuity and security business in New York and General Manager for IBM Global Services in France. Additionally he was CEO at Gulf Business Machines in Dubai, where he led regional business development.

Philippe spoke about the reasons for joining such a major group of companies. “Midis group has more than 40 years of experience in the region, offering the region’s broadest portfolio, including leading global brands throughout the MEA region. The commitment to customers is unrivalled. The culture has grown out of the understanding that customers are of primary concern”

“Midis is a name that resonates in the region, which is very important. The Group is extremely strong financially and therefore has been able to weather many challenges over the years. Moreover Mindware is a solid reality within the Midis Group with an extraordinary potential of partnerships development continuing to succeed in the Region”.

Philippe graduated from the prestigious Central Supelec in Paris (France).

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